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Advanced Diploma Games

Samed Elevli - Outbreak

Mr Sweets Madhouse by
Magnus Bain

"Welcome to my silly little world player! I am Mr Sweet and this is my Wonderland... Well, it would be if I had more time to finish it up, but because you're here so early I guess it will have to do. Think you can find a way out? You can't, you're stuck here."

Samed Elevli - Outbreak

Outbreak by
Samed Elevli

A science experiment gone horribly wrong in a laboratory which unleashes a slime monster outbreak causing catastrophe. An exterminator has come to defeat all the slimes and contain the outbreak.

Lei Zhang

Jo Jo's Mum is Missing
by Lei Zhang

While Jojo and his mother were chatting normally on a particular day, they were ambushed by a great white shark. In the process, Jojo's mother became missing! Jojo is coerced to traverse through the dangerous deep sea environments in search of his lost mother.

Le Van Kien -To the stars

To the stars by
Le Van Kien

Waiting on synopsis

Stephanie Brown

The Little Knight by
Stephanie Brown

During the dead of night, thieves stole the Mother Dragon's treasure. Determined to fix his mother's heartbreak, her son, a Little Red Dragon, adorns himself in kinght's armour and sets out on a journey to find their lost gems.

Kirstin Marshall

by Kirstin Marshall

Just a small bunny, walking through the forest…. The lights begin to flicker as the puppets awaken, chasing the bunny through the trees. He must stay hidden in the shade to make it through. If he makes it past the forest he will have to navigate through the puppets lair, and through the bodies of those who tried before him. Will he survive?

I Gusti

Moon Horse by
I Gusti

There once was a master lived on one the villages in Bali that was respected by the people, even the gods, because of his dedication to his religion and his people. So much so, the gods give him a white horse named “Purnama” as a gift. Since then, the master and Purnama formed an everlasting bond together and became the most respected duo in their villages.

Lucia Leon-Boyer

The Mall is Abandoned for a Reason by
Lucia Leon-Boyer

You are a photographer who ventured into an abandoned mall to take photos of it. Suddenly, you got trapped inside of the mall and it turns out, that you're actually trapped in an alternate version of it with supernatural properties, all the while being persecuted by a mighty, eldtritch being that wants you to suffer a fate worse than death! It's up to you to find a way out while exploring for the mall's secrets!

Kurt Tchia

by Kurt Tchia

You are an everyday worker named Craig, one day you are fired and replaced by a machine. The machines are taking over all jobs so you join the machine uprising revolution. You must break into the corporation and make your way to the penthouse where the machine brain is to destroy it.

Jessica Brown

Beyond by
Jessica Brown

A devastating disease is spreading and contaminating the lands, threatening all life. This disease has corrupted forest animals and is beginning to take over the homeland of Forest Spirits. To protect her land and her children, the Forest Mother gifts a Seed of Life to a chosen hero. Now they must venture out beyond their home to find a special type of Flower to allow the Mother to heal their dying world.

Sean Lau

Rifles and Rockets by
Sean Lau

You are the general of a great army, sent on a mission to destroy the enemy forces before they take over your country. Use your base to train up soliders and tanks, and wipe out the enemy!

Dongzheng Ke

KK's Bizarre Adventure
by Dongzheng Ke

KK is teleported to Isekai (another world) in her sleep, and Peimon, the fluffy toy next to her, was transported with her and became intelligent. Peimon seems to know this world very well, and it guides KK collecting Light Jade, passing Hakure Shrine, Scarlet Devil Mansion, crossing Sanzu River, climbing the sacred cherry tree, passing through Eternal House, and reaching The Tower of End. After entering the tower, a barrage of automatic machine fire awaited them!
Will KK and Peimon ever return to their world?!

Yiran Zhu

Back to the Abyss by
Yiran Zhu

Several weeks ago, missionaries from the Abyssal Communion launched the Purification and tried to purify all land creatures. At the same time, Skadi and her Abyssal Hunters teammates fought hard to stop them. Skadi lost contact with her best friend, Laurentina during the last battle and fainted at the entrance of a cave due to severe injury. After Skadi woke up, she found herself having already mastered the power of Ishmara, the Lord God of the Abyss. Special thanks to Dongzheng Ke’s ending illustration and some icon animations.

Hamish Carson

Rudri's Run by
Hamish Carson

Goblins have ambushed your mining party and killed all of your friends! Run through the Forest and escpae so that you may live to tell the King of the goblin dangers in the Forest.

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Students create their first game based on Flappy Bird.