Interactive Design 2022

Diploma Application Design

2022 Diploma student application design

Students designed applications for two projects in 2022 - one was a walking tours app based on the "Whats on Melbourne" website and the second was a quiz application.

Quiz Application Design

The Adventurers Quiz Book by
Connor Goudie

A quiz app for custom quiz creation based on Dungeons and Dragons

The Design Master Quiz by
Jessica Parker

A quiz app based on the principles of design

Quizzia by
Lloyd Quartermaine

A quiz app for custom quiz creation based on the House of Dragons

Breaking Bad Quiz by
Travis Lizio

Quizlet - A quiz app for custom quiz design based on Breaking Bad

Walking Tours Application Design

Melbourne Walks by
Connor Goudie

An app that takes you on a secret garden tour of Melboure.

Melbourne Music Walk by
Clodia Marland

A walking tours app for lovers of music in Melbourne.